Need car insurance with monthly payments, and without a huge deposit?

Strictly speaking car insurance without any deposit at all doesn't actually exist; but it is possible to pay monthly, over 12 months, for a car insurance policy and to lay down a small deposit which you can pay by credit card, which means you don't actually have to find the money for some time. Not only that, but there are several price comparison engines which are designed to let you find policies like this, so you can compare many, many offers to find the best one for your own purposes. These engines will let you find not only the cheapest policies, but the ones with the lowest deposits or the lowest monthly repayments.

By comparing policies in this way you may well be able to save a considerable amount compared to any renewal premium you have been offered. Apart from the fact that there may be cheaper insurers about, a lot of insurance companies offer very attractive terms for attracting new business, which means that if they can persuade you to leave your existing insurer they will often be prepared to reduce the initial premium quite substantially. As always of course once the current policy expires and you are faced with renewing it again in a year or so's time you may well want to come back to our website and see if, once again, there is a better offer available.

If you are really looking for the cheapest possible price (and who can blame you, looking at the extortionate premiums are now being charged) and you are confident of your own driving ability you may well wish to consider increasing the excess payment that you would have to pay out of any claim in future; sometimes this can be relied upon to reduce the premium quite substantially because insurance companies prefer to deal with people who will put their money where their mouth is! This can be a double edged sword however so make sure that it is a sum that you are comfortable in risking.

A number of insurance companies have increased the charges they make for altering an insurance policy; sometimes it can cost more than 100 just for them to record something like a new address or job. If you are thinking of changing anything which may affect your insurance policy in the future this may well be a point well worth considering, and you may want to take a careful look at policy documents to see just what particular insurers will charge you. Hardly surprisingly, many of the cheapest insurers charge the most for these services, which is the couse of a great many complaints on review sites. It is of course essential that you inform them of any change which could affect your insurance policy because if you did not do so you would be running a very real risk of any future claim being refused, so this is a very important point to consider when deciding upon just which policy to buy.

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